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A bookstore café has been a dream of them since the ’60s—a dream that was finally realized in autumn 2015. Shakespeare and Company Café is located right next to the bookshop, with large picture windows that look onto Notre-Dame and to the quintessentially Parisian park of St.-Julien-le-Pauvre. With both indoor and outdoor tables, the café serves coffee, tea, and fresh-squeezed juices, as well as organic, largely vegetarian food, vegan and gluten-free dishes. Shakespeare and Company Café is run in partnership with Bob’s Bake Shop, which was founded in Paris by Marc Grossman, a native New Yorker, in 2006. The bookshop is included an afternoon tea menu featuring Postcard Teas and tasty nibbles, like finger sandwiches, sourdough crumpets, and scones with cream.

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